Services Overview

 Providing quality, accessible health care for children and families for over 100 years

Our innovative healthcare model integrates primary medical care, dentistry, optometry, child development, and behavioral health services in a single central location. This “one-stop-shop” ensures barrier-free access to services and provides a multi-service healthcare home to children and their families.

Angel Harvey Family Health Center offers:
  • Pediatrics and Adolescent Health
  • Adult Health
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Family Services (child and adolescent counseling, child development support services and psychiatry)
  • Child-centered Health & Advanced Therapies (CHAT) Program (speech and occupational therapies)
  • The Angel Harvey Family Health Center is fully accredited by The Joint Commission. This is a nationally recognized acknowledgment that Angel Family Health meets the ambulatory care and behavioral health standards that determine “quality of care in a safe environment”.

A mom and dad describe why they feel so comfortable at IWS.

“What you do here helps out a lot of families. It’s really helped us a lot. Everyone goes beyond. The people who give the shots, everyone in the lab area – everyone is wonderful. The building is clean, with a pleasant atmosphere.

We have relationships with everyone – the receptionist, scheduler and all the providers. There’s a close bond. We’re not just anonymous. We went to another place once and it was very cold, not a welcoming place at all. It was not at all welcoming to kids.

Here, kids can be kids. “