Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services in Chicago

Child and Adolescent Counseling Services in ChicagoWe believe that the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of a child is vital to establish a healthy community. Our vision is to provide comprehensive and bilingual behavioral health services in Chicago to address the needs of children, ages 0 to 18 years, along with the needs of their families living in the area.

Child and Adolescent Counseling Services (CACS)

CACS is a long-standing program that provides bilingual counseling services to children, starting at three years of age. Our mental health therapists provide individual, family, and group therapy, and case management. Services are delivered in the clinic, in schools, and homes, as determined by individual needs and concerns.

Counseling provides skills to help families cope with current life problems, but it also provides techniques to understand and address future issues. For example, therapists address family challenges when children manifest signs of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and various degrees of disruptive behavior, both at home and at school.

Care Coordination

Care Coordinators are an important link between the pediatric services and the counseling and CHAT departments. Care Coordinators provide health education, referrals, child development screenings, and connections to social services agencies.

Care Coordinators see all newborns for developmental screening, assist in problems with lactation, and educate parents on child safety, including car seats, among many other specialties. They assist families in:

  • Dealing with Poor Verbal Communication and Behavioral and Sensory Issues
  • Conducting Additional Developmental Screenings
  • Providing Parent Education and Support
  • Giving Nutrition Education for Children with Feeding Issues
  • Addressing Issues Through Behavioral and Disciplinary Interventions
  • Providing Social, Emotional, Language Support

Parents are also given information about free or low-cost programs for their children through various resources.

Contact us for appointments and donations. Your help will serve as a tool to expand and innovate our medical and behavioral health services for local families in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.