Keeping Your Goals

Here are some tips to get (or keep) you on track for all your health goals:

Remember why you set the goal. Taking the time to reevaluate why you set a certain goal and what your intentions are may reinvigorate you to do your best to succeed.

Take small steps. If your goal is a big one, go about accomplishing it the same way one would eat an elephant: one bite at a time. Continue reading “Keeping Your Goals”

Mindfulness with Certified Nurse Midwife Rose

At IWS, we highly value the diverse skills and methods of our nursing staff. Nurse Rose is a certified Nurse Midwife at Swedish Covenant Hospital and at IWS. She uses her talents and knowledge to support expecting moms with the stresses and anxiety associated with pregnancy and labor.

One thing in which Rose strongly believes is practicing mindfulness, or, the practice of taking some time each day to focus on breathing and relaxation, and trying to focus on being present from moment to moment throughout the day. Continue reading “Mindfulness with Certified Nurse Midwife Rose”