Wish List

You can help a family live healthy and strong by making a contribution from items on our wish list below. Each item, service, and monetary investment helps us to provide high-quality healthcare to our families and to the community. For more questions or if you would like more information, please email Michelle Di Benedetto at DiBenedettoM@infantwelfare.org or call 773.782.5040.


Transcutaneous bilirubinometer – this allows us to check jaundice levels of newborns in the clinic using a special machine as opposed to having to draw blood and wait hours/1 day for results.   Estimated Cost:~$5-10K

2nd pulse oximeter– it was difficult when the one we had was out being serviced. It would be wonderful if we could have two in the clinic (we certainly use it frequently).

2nd manual mobile BP machine– it’s nice to wheel this into rooms when a manual blood pressure is needed.

Front-load washer/220v electric dryer set for dental so that they can wash scrubs in the department instead of taking them home. Estimated Cost:~$1,200


Diapers and wipes for patients

Playdoh for CHAT social skills group

Tripod and camera


LED signage for building  Estimated Cost~$75k

Intercom system so codes can be heard throughout building Estimated Cost ~40K

Parking lot lighting  Estimated Cost~ 15k

HVAC system Estimated Cost~750k

Solar panels Estimated Cost~ 100k

Roof repairs Estimated Cost~10k




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