Campaign for a Healthy Tomorrow

Children and families are at the heart of IWS. The extraordinary legacy of this organization is rooted in providing the very best health care to those in need.

Often, this means providing services ahead of their time, such as behavioral health in the 1920s or, recently, providing speech and occupational therapies to children with developmental delays – something done by no other community health center.

Sometimes, it means doing the right thing regardless of the cost. Two years ago, when we learned that vaccines for some children with state insurance might not be covered, IWS committed to continuing treatment at any cost when other pediatric providers could not.

Fortunately, IWS’s endowment, the Board-Directed Investment Fund (BDIF), has provided the stability and security to maintain and grow much-needed health-care services for children and their families for many decades.

As one of the oldest stand-alone, independent community health centers in Chicago, IWS relies on the BDIF as the backbone for its fiscal health. It strengthens our ability to sustain operations, weather financial storms, and maintain mission continuity.

The recent State of Illinois budget crisis necessitated larger draws than expected on the BDIF to support ongoing operations. Through this lifeline, IWS has continued to provide vital health care services. Now it is time to shore up our resources to ready IWS for the next 100 years.

The Board of Directors has pledged to raise a significant sum over three to five years toward the Fund’s corpus. We honor IWS’s illustrious legacy by continuing to provide for the future health and well-being of the patients we serve.

A gift to this campaign is a permanent investment in the future of our community and in the lives of the children and families we serve. Please join us. Your legacy can be their future.

For more information about the Campaign, including pledge forms, recognition, and other frequently asked questions, please contact Michelle Di Benedetto at or 773.782.5040.


A very special thank you to our generous donors and contributors:

Marta Gazda-Auskalnis
Carolyn Clift
Colleen Creighton
Bryan Cressey
Michael Davis
Diane Douglas
Lynda K. Given
Elizabeth Hennessy
Thomas Kelly
Celine Lillie
Rosanne Merrill
Morris Metcoff & Sarah Braverman Trust
Edward Rickert
Dr. Petra Rissman
Steven Rothbloom
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