IWS offers a group approach to prenatal care: CenteringPregnancy©


Mock CenteringPregnancy group set up.

Our plan is to transform a basement storage area into a fully functional clinical space that can host Centering groups that include a private exam space, group conversation circle, and snack and social area.

The Centering program brings together groups of women with similar due dates to “circle-up” and discuss important topics, including current or expected discomforts, stress and anxiety, proper nutrition, labor and delivery, and breastfeeding.

The program exceeds the recommended standard of 10 prenatal visits by extending the sessions from an hour and a half to two hours in length. During that time, moms engage in their care through group discussions, recording their own vitals, healthy snacks, and time for a private belly check with their provider.

Centering has shown to have positive outcomes for women who participate, including higher birth weights, lower rates of preterm delivery, and more initiation of breastfeeding at birth. Centering care also increases patient and provider satisfaction and provides a sense of community for moms, some of whom are isolated and overwhelmed.

Patients love the group model of care that supports the physical and emotional needs of expecting mothers.

Expectant moms were asked what they would tell other women about getting their prenatal care through the Centering model. Here is what they had to say:
“This program really helps you learn and hear other opinions”
“This is the best way to learn and it helps you a lot”