Health and wellness is a daily topic at the Angel Harvey Family Health Center. We carry our mission with us, even when it’s time to give a gift. Join us as we aim to inspire families and communities to achieve greater health! These gifts* are sure to motivate your loved ones to be their best, most healthy selves all year long.

*Please note that while links are provided for gifts 1-9, they are meant to be used as examples only. We are in no way affiliated with the brands or vendors listed below, and we are in no way promoting any specific item or product.

Yoga Mat


BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High-Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap $12.90

A yoga mat is a wonderfully versatile gift that can be used to help an individual achieve several different wellness goals. A good mat provides comfort and protects the joints while stretching, meditating, and of course, yoga practice!

Dumbell Alarm Clock


Dumbbell Alarm Clock Shape Lift Up 30 Times Work Out Morning $19.39

Help a budding or seasoned fitness enthusiast wake up to a great workout with this dumbbell alarm clock. When the alarm sounds, the sleepy head will have to complete 30 curls to turn it off. No snooze buttons here!

Unique Fitness Experience

rock wall2Buying gym memberships and passes are so last season! Consider giving the gift of a unique fitness experience that can be shared or used by an adventurer. Websites like Groupon, Goldstar and Living Social offer unique experiences for individuals and groups at inexpensive prices. Try:

  • Rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)
  • An iron man challenge or training course
  • Zumba classes
  • A fencing class
  • Rollerblades

Infuser Water Bottle


32oz Straw Water Bottles, Large Infused Fruit Water Infusion Bottles Time Markings, BPA Free Leak Proof Sport Travel Water Bottle with Measurements, Office Detox Infuser Tritan Drinking Bottle $14.99

An infuser bottle is a fun way to stay hydrated! Some bottles, like this one by Tritan, has markings to help users keep track of how much water they are consuming in a day. Add fruit and herb combinations to create unique flavored water sensations and forget all about sodas and sports drinks.

Indoor Herb Garden


Self-Watering Tomato Planter $21.95Basil Garden in a Can $5.99; Flat Leaf Italian Parsley $2.19

Herbs and perennial plants are the gifts that keep on giving. Indoor gardens encourage users to eat healthier, use less salt, and provide a cleaner air quality and indoor aesthetic. Not to mention, it’s a real money saver.

Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma 300ml Peppermint Lavender Young Living Rom Spa Yoga $9.99

Essential oils smell wonderful and are have been considered as a possible solution for easing stress symptoms, migraine or headache relief, and relieving insomnia or sleeping problems. Other interesting applications for health have been noted as well. For more information about the uses of essential oils, read this article by Helen West, RD.


Adult Lunch Box Set


Bentgo Lunchbox Set (6-Piece) $18.99

A lunch box could be the difference between eating pre-planned healthy meals while saving money, or not. A lunchbox set with accompanying Tupperware help with portion control and offer space for healthy snacks and beverages.

DIY Healthy Snack Basket


Easy and fun to create, a DIY healthy snack basket is a thoughtful way to support a healthy lifestyle. Fill the basket with your favorite fruit, proteins, tea samples and more!



A Neat Book


Quick. Easy. Healthy.: Good Food Every Day $16.99

A cookbook is a helpful tool for supporting both a busy and a healthy lifestyle. Consider giving your favorite cookbook or one that is highly acclaimed. A one-year subscription to a food and cooking magazine is equally thoughtful and health promoting.


Make a Charitable Contribution


For the health guru who has it all, consider making a charitable contribution to a health and wellness organization on their behalf. The Angel Harvey Family Health Center relies in part on charitable donations from individuals, foundations and other resources to help our non-profit clinic achieve its mission to provide a continuum of integrated, quality, and preventive health care services to children and their families, enabling them to lead healthy and productive lives.