De-Stigmatizing Mental Health in Communities of Color

In recognition of Mental Health Month this May and Children’s Mental Health Awareness week, Angel Family Health’s therapist Cesiah Banuelos discusses why some families feel shame and embarrassment about seeking mental health counseling and what can be done to reverse the poor opinions surrounding therapy in communities of color. Continue reading “De-Stigmatizing Mental Health in Communities of Color”

Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month

Dr. Sheila Hall is committed to dental health. She provides dental services daily and makes a point to inform parents about the many ways to keep their teeth, as well as their children’s, healthy and strong: “we all know about daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits, but don’t forget about the importance of a healthy diet”, she notes. Continue reading “Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month”

Infant Welfare Society is Reducing Employee Turnover

In a recent article by Crain’s, a Chicago-based business journal, Infant Welfare is credited as an organization that uses creative incentives as a way to reduce employee turnover. Read more about the innovative strategies of the board and CEO Robin McGinnis for retaining employee talent at Infant Welfare here.